Neuro Rehab of Dallas

The addition of Neurology Rehab of Dallas to the Neurology Consultants of Dallas family allows for a fully integrated healthcare program that provides patients with a holistic road to recovery, while reducing hospital visits and overall cost. Our unique interdisciplinary medical approach to outpatient neurological rehabilitation will consist of a medical consultation with a neurologist, any imaging and necessary blood work ordered by the physician, any neuropsychological testing ordered by the physician, as well as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy evaluations. Together these clinicians, along with the patient and family members, will form a plan of care specific to the patient’s diagnosis, needs, and goals. Neurological conditions may disrupt many aspects of an individual’s life including their ability to communicate, process information, swallow food, perform typical activities of daily life, or even walk safely. Neurology Rehab of Dallas’s mission is to provide advanced individualized care, restoring the maximum level of independent functional mobility.

About Our Therapies

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Program at NRD uses evidence-based research focused on restoring normal movement patterns, minimizing physical disabilities, and improving safety awareness to return a patient to their prior level of function or achieve their highest potential level of function. Although the physical therapists at NRD are specifically skilled and knowledgeable in treating patients with neurological diagnoses, they are also well-versed in other rehab protocols (e.g. cardiopulmonary, orthopedic rehabilitation), which is necessary when implementing a holistic approach to patient care.

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy Program at NRD is focused on returning individuals with neurological diagnoses to their normal daily routines whether that be playing an instrument, returning to work, bathing, dressing, cooking, grocery shopping, or even driving through evidence-based methods. Occupational therapy treatments may include working to improve motor skills (specifically in the arm and hands), oculomotor and visual skills, and functional cognitive skills. 

Speech Therapy

The Speech Therapy Program at NRD focuses on improving an individual’s cognition, voice, speech, language, and swallowing skills in patients with neurological diagnoses through evidence-based research and practice.

Neuro Therapy FAQs

Our rehab is specifically designed with you in mind. Because our providers follow your progress in our rehab, we require that you be seen first in our clinic. All information pertaining to your care will be shared with your PCP or referring physician.

No. Our rehab programs were built with neurological symptoms in mind and our therapists are trained to treat patients with chronic neurological diseases. However, we treat any patient that would benefit from these services.


Physical therapy (sometimes called PT) can help enhance mobility and quality of life by improving strength, balance, endurance, flexibility and posture. Physical therapy can maximize your loved one's ability to get around at home and community, as well as participate in favorite recreational activities. We have movement disorder trained therapists that help ensure our patients are getting the best treatment possible.

Occupational therapy (also known as OT) focuses on your ability to fulfill your "occupations." Generally, OT assists with the ability to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as getting dressed, toileting and bathing as well as Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) such as driving, shopping, cooking and recreational activities.

Speech-language pathology services (SLP) boost a person's ability to communicate and to swallow.

Some neurological conditions create difficulty of swallowing, speech delays, word processing difficulties and other similar symptoms. Our therapists are trained to rehabilitate communication and swallowing functions, which are both critical for overall health.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and a pair of rubber-soled sneakers. Every treatment course begins with a comprehensive evaluation. If we require you to bring or wear anything special, you will be informed during your initial visit.

Generally, your initial visit will last over 1 hour due to the therapist evaluating your condition, providing treatment, and giving you home instructions. The following visits may last from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on your injury and level of activity.

Most insurances cover physicial therapy costs, however there may be limitations or deductible costs due at the time of the visit. Our billing office team will get the necessary prior authorizations and payment information before your visit. If you have questions about coverage, you may contact our billing office at 214-750-9977.

Most prescriptions and treatment schedules are for 2-3 visits per week, but this will vary based on your condition and physical ability. Most therapy sessions typically last an hour. Treatment plans usually are from 6-12 weeks with periodic re-evaluations and regular follow-up visits with your doctor.

We perform various types of treatments, and will customize a program combining the best techniques specific for your particular condition. The treatment programs will be performed in private treatment rooms as well as a gym setting using a variety of athletic and rehabilitation equipment. Our team of therapists are specialty trained in movement disorders, strokes, brain injuries, neuromuscular injuries, multiple sclerosis, balance training and much more! We use techniques ranging from typical gym training to dry needling and cupping. Rather you are being seen for physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy - our office offers a multitude of therapeutic techniques to capture the best outcome in your health journey!

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