Neuro Dance Program

Neurological conditions are chronic in nature and require maintenance therapy.  Maintaining core strength, posture and agility is crucial in preventing falls.  Neurology Consultants is pleased to offer ballet classes as an extension of traditional physical therapy.  With this offering, we hope to promote balance as well as an overall sense of well-being and confidence that comes with mastery of a new skill.  Plus it’s fun!

Neurology Consultants of Dallas was recently awarded a grant from the Texas Neurological Society (TNS) which is compromised of over 1,000 Neurologists. The goals of the grant are to encourage research aimed at improving and supporting neurological practices, education, disease awareness and prevention as well as patient supported activities. We are grateful to have been awarded this opportunity that allows our neurologists, therapists, teachers, researchers and dancers to show how important art and dance are to encouraging healing and a healthy lifestyle in neurological disorders.