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Clinical research really matters. We constantly strive to offer our patients the most comprehensive and advanced care possible, which is why we offer various clinical trials, which serve to advance medical discovery and treatment.

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Talis Infusion, our integrated partner infusion suite, offers a reliable and convenient setting to receive specialty infusion or injectable therapy for neurological disorders. Our mission is to provide a site of care for patients to receive high-quality care from our skilled physicians, nurses, and clinical pharmacists in a comfortable, private, and cost-effective environment.

Our state-of-the-art neurology testing facilities include MRI, MRA and HD video EEG capabilities (long term and short stay).  The first step to wellness is finding concrete answers about your symptoms and diagnosis.  Whether these symptoms include acute seizures or chronic movement conditions, our diagnostic testing capabilities meet or exceed the standards of testing found in large hospitals while bringing the convenience and comfort of a clinic setting. 

Being diagnosed with a neurological disorder can carry implications with your cognitive or physical abilities. This may affect your speech, language, thought process and mobility. It can be difficult for you to carry on conversations or complete daily tasks. Our Neuro Rehabilitation Center allows for on-site physical, occupational and speech therapy with specifically trained neuro therapists. Our therapists design treatment plans tailored to your specific symptoms and diagnosis.