Aiming High at Neurology Consultants of Dallas

Our mission is to elevate the quality of care to the community. Our physician-owned, physician-led organization provides state of the art neurological care while never losing sight of the need to treat the person, not just their disease.  All of our physicians are board-certified and fellowship-trained. As recognized experts and leaders in their respective fields of general Neurology and Subspecialty Neurology, they are ones that other physicians look to for their difficult cases and for their own family members.

NCD recognizes that how care is delivered also affects the quality of care. Our clinic is designed to provide comprehensive services in an integrated fashion, to care for the entire spectrum of the neurological disorder and the problems associated with it. To accommodate the ever-changing state of health care, our physicians have partnered with advanced care practitioners and allied health professionals to provide a team-based approach to patient care, bringing a diverse span of knowledge and expertise in the care of the patient. NCD also participates in clinical research trials to help the field of medicine discover advanced treatment options. On staff at area hospitals where we provide leadership in programmatic development of neurologic care, our team will care for you 24/7 if you require hospitalization. 


From the initial symptom to diagnosis, through finding future treatments for our patients, our team of professionals leverage their skills and passion to provide continuity of care throughout the entire process.  We invite you to come experience the NCD difference.

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Neurology Consultation

At NCD, we have a diverse team of neurology specialists. This allows us to treat a variety of neurological conditions—both common and rare.

Specialties & Programs

We are home to modern diagnostic services, cutting-edge treatments, specialty programs, clinical research & much more. Learn more about the different service options available to you.

NCDRx: Pharmacy

Coming Soon! Let us make it easy for your prescription pick-up or delivery! NCDRx Pharmacy is conveniently located in our office building.

Clinical Research

Improvements in medicine wouldn’t be possible without clinical trials. These research studies allow us to carefully evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new medical and surgical treatments, preventative measures, and diagnostic tests.

Physician Referral Services

Since our clinic opened in 1978, we have grown into one of the largest, entirely fellowship-trained physician clinics in Texas. Our experienced, highly skilled, and comprehensive team of neurological specialists can provide your patient with a complete spectrum of care–from neuro diagnosis through outpatient neurorehabilitation–under one roof.

Neuro Therapies

Our therapists incorporate state-of-the-art technology and equipment as well as specialized neurology training into your plan of care so you can achieve your maximum potential. Learn more about all of our therapies.


Telemedicine Visit

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our practice has transitioned to telemedicine when feasible. In this way, we can limit viral spread and protect patients, physicians and staff. Click here to learn more about our easy to manage telemedicine visits.

In-Office Visit

Choosing a specialist to supervise your neurology healthcare is essential. An open relationship with your physician can be a powerful factor in maintaining your physical and emotional well-being for the long term. Our office takes the appropriate precautions to maintain a safe & socially distanced appointment.

Connect With Us

Connecting with Care is now more important than ever! Our goal is to improve connections, both within the body and with the people we help. Click here to contact our office and connect with care today!

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