Your Safety Comes First

At Neurology Consultants of Dallas, we are most concerned with your safety from infection. While some things can wait, the CDC and other professionals agree that your healthcare should not be compromised during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We care about you and we have changed how we practice neurology to deliver the best possible care while respecting the social distancing recommendations of the CDC. 

We are open and we are providing visits with our highly trained medical professionals through both in-clinic appointments and a very simple to use telemedicine system. Contact us today to get an appointment!

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Telemedicine Visit

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our practice has transitioned to telemedicine when feasible. In this way, we can limit viral spread and protect patients, physicians and staff. Click here to learn more about our easy to manage telemedicine visits.

In-Office Visit

Choosing a specialist to supervise your neurology healthcare is essential. An open relationship with your physician can be a powerful factor in maintaining your physical and emotional well-being for the long term. Our office takes the appropriate precautions to maintain a safe & socially distanced appointment.

Connect With Us

Connecting with Care is now more important than ever! Our goal is to improve connections, both within the body and with the people we help. Click here to contact our office and connect with care today!

How we are protecting you during COVID-19

  • We require every patient and their caregivers or visitors to wear a face mask during the entirety of their appointment. 
  • While we understand that patients may need help from a caregiver or family member, we ask that all patients bring only one person with them to their visit. 
  • When appropriate, our office will conduct follow up appointments via telemedicine to reduce exposure and keep both our patients and staff safe.
  • Our team of providers have been trained to successfully conduct all in person visits with social distancing when available. While some tests require contact, we’ve taken precautions to do minimal physical touch during each visit. Our employees and providers will always do their best to conduct each visit with the least amount of exposure as possible.
  • After each patient’s visit, our exam rooms and procedure rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to ensure no cross contamination during your visit.

Please follow the CDC for more information about COVID-19 and the precautions advised in healthcare.