Sleep Study

About our Sleep Testing Facility:

The neurology testing center at NCD comes fully equipped with the latest technology for diagnosing sleep disorders.  Our technologists are trained in sleep technology and will explain each step of the testing when you arrive to help you feel at ease and comfortable.  

Our facility is designed to make you feel at home with all the necessary comforts.  In our state-of-the-art facility, unlike other sleep centers, we have the ability to monitor extended sleep testing modalities.  This provides a comprehensive array of tools for  providers to consider when ordering your study.

Overall, this comprehensive approach improves our ability for diagnosis and treatment purposes; it allows for monitoring up to 6 parameters in a professional and controlled environment:

  • EEG (basic sleep montage or full EEG montage)
  • EKG (2 lead Heart Rate channels)
  • EMG (Snap leads for Legs to monitor leg movement patterns)
  • Pulse / Oximeter (Pulse trends and SpO2 levels)
  • Breathing  Effort (Belts that pick up Thoracic and Diaphragm movement)
  • Breathing Flow (cannula and sensor to gather breathing data)

For more information on how schedule an exam or what you should do to prepare for testing, please visit our Neurology Testing Appointment Page


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